Dontek Auto 3 way valve controller

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Dontek Auto 3 way valve controller

This controller operates (turns) a 3 way valve automatically to re-direct the pool water to the solar heating using the existing pool pump.Eliminates the use of a second pump

The 3 way valve is plumbed in after the filter to send clean water to the roof and tee is plumbed in after this for the return warm water

You set your pool timer to run during the hotter part of the day e.g 10am to 4pm or longer

When there is solar gain available (the roof gets hot) the controller will activate the the 3 way actuator to turn the 3 way valve sending the pool water to the roof to be heated. When the pool gets up to the set temperature or if the roof goes cold the valve will close

Comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty

Included is, the controller with a roof and pool sensor, 3 way valve, motorised valve actuator, instructions

Australian made

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Weight 3 kg