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How it Works

Pool water is circulated through the solar absorber on the hot roof heated from the sun’s rays. It will only heat your pool when the sun is hot enough and if the pool needs heating. The heated water is then transferred back into the pool. It will maintain your pool within 2 deg of the temperature you require*.

As an added bonus you can swim at night as the solar will still work up till 9pm in daylight saving*. Solar pool heating is virtually free in running costs. It uses the free energy of the sun to heat the absorber.

There is 3 ways of installing solar heating for your pool or spa

1. A automatic system which is plumbed into your solar provisions with a separate pump and digital controller.

2. A in conjunction or boosted system which is plumbed into the filtration system, for pools and spas that don’t have solar provisions

3. A manual system which uses the existing pool or spa pump by installing a 3 way valve to manually  re-direct the water to the solar system.